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XML Training Courses – Top 5 XML Online Tutorials

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a foundational technology that every web-developer or someone who wants to master in web development needs to know. Thanks to these online XML training courses, you can one can learn XML easily right on their laptop or PC.


XML is a tool to store and transport data, which is both software and hardware independent. It is self-descriptive and a mark-up language, just like the HTML. This is the reason why learning XML is important.

After deciding that you want to gain the working knowledge of XML, the next step is choosing which tutorial to go for. There are many options available online, which help students learn in a better way. These online courses are self-paced; hence students can complete them according to their respective learning abilities.

Also, online courses are provided in an easy-to-understand format, by some of the leading industry experts. After learning XML, students will be able to take up the role of a web developer and provide the best standards for data handling and transfer.

XML is a popular mark-up language because it is used for outsourcing an organization’s data. It is used in all major companies that employ basic data and web operations. Its widespread use and advantages prove beyond a point that if you are looking for a handsome salary in a top IT firm, XML is the way to go.

Importance of XML training

Needless to say, having a thorough knowledge of XML and how it functions is essential for students looking for a lucrative career option in the field of web development. Apart from gaining knowledge on the working of XML, students can learn to simplify data through XML training.

• As data is stored in plain text format by XML, students learn the method of storing, transporting, and sharing data, using a tool that is both software and hardware independent.

• Often, a large amount of data is lost during conversion. This is a requirement when transferring data between two incompatible systems. Through XML training, students can learn how to transfer data without it being lost to conversion.

• With technology being upgraded every single day, it becomes imperative to upgrade to the latest operating systems, applications, and browsers, without the loss of data. XML training teaches students how to update their systems.

• XML plays a crucial role in various IT systems. Hence, XML training familiarizes students with the inner working of the IT sector.
• XML is used to distribute data over the internet. This assumes significance as the internet is the growing trend in present times.

The Careful Research which goes into choosing these XML Training Courses

This list has been compiled through careful research by our experts. These courses are suitable for all – beginners, intermediates and experts in XML language. These courses have been chosen by our experts to provide:

• Introduction to data structuring and popular formats like XML and JSON

• Thorough understanding of the fundamentals of XML.

• Introduction to API documentation.

• Hands-on experience in creating and styling XML content.

• A look into complementary XML technologies like XPath, XSLT, and XSHARP.

• Defining the concepts of XML schema

Besides, these courses stand out from the rest because these allow users to:

  • Learn at their own pace, with unlimited and lifetime access.
  • Learn from the industry experts as the best talent in the industry designs these courses.
  • Explanatory videos that address each and every topic related to XML training.

 5 Best XML Training Courses

Here is the list 0f 5 best online XML courses. You can pick any one of these courses

1. Getting started with Extensible Markup Language (XML)(Lynda.com)

As XML has become a popular and widely-used language to exchange and store information on the internet, for designing mobile applications, to familiarize yourself with the working of XML is counted as a core skill.

Lynda.com XML Training Course

Thus, it becomes imperative for every present and aspiring web-developer to acquire this skill. This course familiarizes with the basics of XML, as to what it is and what are its advantages and drawbacks.

Further, it involves tutorials on creating and styling XML content using various approaches such as CSS and browser’s DOM. XPATH and XSLT are complimentary XML technologies that are used to manipulate XML content. The course also looks into these technologies.

In addition to this, the course involves using techniques like XML schema and document type definitions to make the XML data error-free.

Key USPs:

  • Basic, intermediate and advanced difficulty level to adapt to the learning ability of students.
  • Overview of complete XML Syntax
  • Defining and working with XML Namespaces.
  • The detailed assignments are useful in clearing the doubts appropriately.
  • Latest resources provide thorough learning.
  • XML Schema and Document type definitions
  • Exercises with clear instructions on how to handle them.
  • Learning how to style XML Tags
  • This program can be accessed for free for the first thirty days after signing up.

Duration: 2h 38m

Rating: Unrated

2. Getting Started with API Technical Writing (JSON and XML)(Udemy)

Documenting structured data is one of the critical requirements for aspiring technical writers. This course focuses on two of the most widely used structured data formats – XML and JSON. This is an ideal place for professional writers who are new to API documentation.


Application Program Interface (API) defines how software systems interact with each other. For software developers to understand these APIs, there is a growing requirement for technical writers. Thus, it is a lucrative field in the software development industry.

For undertaking this course, no structured data or programming experience is required. Additionally, this can be a bonus course for users who are efficient in writing end-user documentation and want to add API documentation to their skillset.

Key USPs:
• Get background information on APIs and other fundamentals of structured data.
• Hands-on exercises to help users in documenting and building JSON and XML files.
• An introduction to using software tools
• Short quizzes to help track your progress.
• PowerPoint presentations to complement every video lecture.
Duration: 1h 23m
Rating: 4.5/5

3. A Course on XML fundamentals(PluralSight)

Authored by Dan Sullivan, an independent consultant, author, and speaker, this video course covers all the fundamentals of Extensible Markup Language (XML). It familiarizes users with capabilities and features of XML, along with providing illustrative examples.

Plural Sight XML Course

This course is strictly based on XML recommendations and its namespaces. Learners are provided with example videos that are available for download in a zipped file. The examples are based on XSLT and CSHARP programs. Thus, users get to understand their working.

Key USPs:
• Video course covering fundamentals of XML
• Detailed videos on the use of XSLT and CSHARP
• Examples available for download
• Instructions on how to relate the video with underlying specification
• Overview on namespaces and languages used in XML.
Duration: 4h 51m
Rating: 4.5/5

4. Learn XML and XML Schema Definition in easy steps(Udemy)

This course is for students looking to gather the necessary know-how of XML and XML schemas. XML schemas are used in defining the basic structure of XML language. The key USP of this course is that there is no requirement of any prior XML knowledge to undertake this course.

Udemy XML and XML schema definition
Udemy XML and XML schema definition

For programmers and analysts, this course helps them to understand the concepts of XML schema. They are given hands-on assignments to create XML schema from scratch and by varying its complexity. They will also gain knowledge on validating XML documents by making use of the schema.

At the end of the course, the students can write well-formed XML documents, and learn how to enforce and validate business rules, using XML schema.

Key USPs:
• Understanding the basics of using XML
• XML Schema definition and its uses
• Learning the use of inbuilt and simple schema types
• Validating XML documents through the use of schema
• Including and Importing from other schema files
• Creating XML documents from scratch
• Creating XML Schema from scratch
Duration: 2h +
Rating: 4.4/5

5. Online XML Training Bundle(eduCBA)

For those who are keen on learning XML and are looking forward to a lucrative career in web development, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of XML and its various concepts. There are 6 courses included in the package, and students get a certification for completing each of the 6 sessions.


After purchasing this package, students master skills such as – XML, XML DTDs, Android Web service, Parsing XML API, Web Development, XSD and XML Schema Definition. Knowledge of essential software-related terms is a pre-requisite for undertaking this course.

The course structure includes XML web development, application training in XML and Java, XML hands-on and comprehensive training, and XML Schema Definition (XSD) Beginner’s Training.

Key USPs:
• 30+ hours of Video Lectures.
• Lifetime access to the package of 6 courses – XML Hands-on, XML DTDs Training, Android Web Service Parsing, XML API, Web Development with XML, XML, and Java
• Certificate of completion after each course.
• Comprehensive understanding of fundamentals of XML and its related concepts.
• Excellent courses and chapters.
• Useful for prospective Web Developers
Duration: 30+ h of Video Lectures.
Rating: 4.5/5


For those looking for a career option in the IT sector, it becomes necessary to gain a working knowledge of XML. These 5 XML training courses, which are provided by some of the best names in the industry, allow students to become aware of fundamentals of XML, along with illustrative examples on how to create and manage an XML file.

As is evident from the above-mentioned facts that, XML plays a crucial role in data handling in today’s world. It is a mark-up language that adds information to a document, to make it both machine and human-readable. So if you are thinking of joining XML courses get any of the listed above courses.