How To Learn Facebook Marketing

How To Learn Facebook Marketing? (With 8 Easy To Follow Ways)

If you are wondering how to learn Facebook marketing on your own, then this blog post is for you. In this post, we share 8 ways you can master Facebook marketing.

Marketing has moved from the billboard and front page of the newspaper to the smart device screen and digital platform.
People spend more time on their messaging and social media apps than on a physical medium. Thus, it has become necessary for brands to up their game so that they can keep with the times.

They have had to migrate to digital platforms and adapt to the principles and psychology of social media site users.
Of the earliest social media platforms that were created, Facebook is the only one that survived. In fact, it is thriving. It has grown to be the largest social networking site, both in terms of revenue and number of users.

So, it is but natural that when a brand wishes to create a digital presence, Facebook is the first website they turn to.

What Is The Scope Of Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is, by far, the most effective method of digital marketing. Its sweep and range are unmatched. It has grown and expanded to a point that it controls a major chunk of the digital lives of its users.

Some of the ways it provides better marketing scope to brands big and small, old, and new are discussed below.

Maximum Audience

There have been many surveys in the past and the recent past and all of them have given a unanimous verdict – Facebook is the social media platform with the largest number of users.

As of December 2019, it boasts a whopping 2.5 billion monthly active users. Naturally, a marketing campaign on Facebook will have the largest possible reach compared to others.

Universal Demographic

Most social media platforms attract a certain section of the population more. For Example, Tiktok is popular among teenagers and people under the age of 30. Most Pinterest users are women.

But the great thing about Facebook is that Facebook attracts people irrespective of age, nationality, personal preferences, and such other factors.

This allows brands to reach out to all kinds of people. Even if they appeal to a specific demographic, they are sure to find it on Facebook.

High Traffic

The high user count of Facebook is not just users who sign up; they are all active users. This means they keep their accounts active and use it regularly. And around 2.36 people use Facebook services every day!

This greatly increases the chances of an ad being viewed by more people.

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High Visibility

One of the advantages of using Facebook for brand marketing is that you target a specific audience that is more valuable to your brand.

With Organic visibility going low, paid Facebook ads are the best way to increase your brand visibility and grab more eyeballs.

Easy Engagement

The operational features of Facebook allow a person to easily share posts publicly, publicly with a person or privately with a person. This allows more people to engage with the ad any way they like.


Instagram uses pictures, YouTube uses videos, Twitter optimizes the use of text. Every other site has “preferences”, but Facebook allows easy sharing of all kinds of posts. Thus, brands have a range of tools in hand to exploit.

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How to Learn Facebook Marketing

You might be a startup without the kind of funding necessary to employ a digital marketing team. Or you might prefer to keep the marketing in your own hands.

But a business owner usually does not have the knowledge or expertise to handle the marketing segment of their brand. But that should not stop you. You can try one or more of the options given below to get ahead of the game.

Take A Online Marketing Course

As a business owner or a marketing enthusiast, one of the best ways you can improve your Facebook marketing is by taking a digital marketing course.

These can be a general course, a general course with Facebook marketing as the specialty or a course to learn Facebook marketing only. Facebook itself provides courses for you to learn marketing on the site.

You can enroll in the following course if you want:

Facebook Ads Course Beginner to Advanced

Ask a mentor

If you know someone who has been doing Facebook marketing successfully for a long time, you can ask them to guide you.

But keep in mind that their business is different from yours, so their tips may not always work out for you. Take the advice you get but mold it to your personal requirements.

Use Self-Help Resources

In the age where there is an app for everything, you will find no dearth of resources and tools to help you manage your ad campaigns on Facebook.

Besides the scores of third-party interfaces, you also have the resources of Facebook itself like the Ads Manager or the Campaign Wizard.

Take Inspiration

If you think the greatest creations were all originals, remember that most of Shakespeare’s works were inspired by stories written by authors who failed to market them the right way.

This is a lesson both in the value of marketing and the concept that even a derived or transformative work can be brilliant.

That is why you should study other brand pages and campaigns and observe their tactics. You can then draw from them to craft your own campaign.

Join Platforms

One of the first things you should do for the exposure is to join Facebook Marketplace and groups. It is a huge platform for exhibiting your products and services.

But it is also a place where you can come across ingenious marketing tactics and learn how to design your campaign according to how Facebook works.

You can also join various groups created for specific market segments where you get the double advantage of exchanging ideas dedicated to the kind of products you deal in and also gain B2B opportunities.

Study Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an in-built Facebook tool that helps you track the performance of your brand page.

Keeping track of your page performance in tandem with every action you take on it will give you an in-depth idea of what works and what does not for your brand on Facebook.

You can plan all future campaigns keeping that in mind and achieve better success with them.

Keep Track Of Trends

In today’s world, fads are the only permanent waves in the business world. One after the other, trends come, stay for a month or even a week, and then go out of style.

So, the best brands can do is jump the bandwagon. Study the market and take advantage of the newest thing people are crazing over by turning it into a marketing gimmick.

Study Facebook

There is no better way to master the platform than by studying it.

If you explore Facebook, not only will you be able to master its tools better and faster, you will also be able to pick up on the underlying workings on the site and exploit them for better results.

Some Lessons For Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be very easy or very complex. The only difference is knowledge and confidence.

If you know what you are doing and do it unapologetically without hurting any sentiments, you will be good. Here is some information that might help you master those tricks a little more easily.

Organic And Paid Ads

Organic ad campaigns are fully created, distributed, and managed by you. You do not pay anything to Facebook for any special service. Any lead engagement you gain is due to your efforts only.

Paid ads require you to pay a certain amount to Facebook every time a certain action or milestone is established, as Facebook will push your ad to the required demographic.

Facebook takes bids for four types of paid ads – CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per millie/1000impressions), oCPM (optimized cost per millie), and CPA (cost per action).

General And Targeted Promotion

Depending on the product you sell or the ongoing campaign, you can decide to aim your promotional activities at a certain part of the population, based on factors like age group, social stratum, profession, gender, location, etc.

Facebook allows you multiple ad targeting options to tap into these categories, or you may choose to keep all options open for a general ad targeting the entire user base.

Inbound And Outbound Marketing

Before the digital age, every marketing technique was outbound. Think flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, banners, billboards, TV and radio commercials, cold calls, etc.

Even today, the ads on free websites represent outbound marketing. But these in-your-face methods are being rejected nowadays in favor of inbound marketing.

This refers to marketing techniques that lure in leads by offering something useful and interesting to them, like blogs, contests, and giveaways, webinars, ebooks, etc.

Brand building

Your brand is the recurring theme that comes to people’s minds when no product is explicitly in front of them. Or it is what they identify your products by even if the brand name is not on it.

It is very important to build a brand that is consistent across all instances. This includes your Facebook profile information, DP and cover page, templates, and any other detail you can set or customize.

If you interact with people interested in your brand, not only will this build your brand value, but it will also increase the chances of lead conversion.

Reply to people’s queries and comments, address complaints, and respond to reviews religiously. You can even install a chatbot in your Messenger for more routine interactions.

Create Content

If you do not regularly update your page, your brand presence will die out because people will not find new posts from your Facebook page to engage with.

Always ensure that the content is relevant to your brand and interesting to the people, otherwise, you would be wasting people’s time.

Variety Within A Theme

Just because you are supposed to maintain a theme does not mean your posts should be homogenous and monotonous.

Use variety in terms of the kind and content of the post (text, audio, video, etc.) allowed by Facebook, the part or product of your brand you are advertising, the social issue or current trend you are highlighting, and so on.

Form A Network

People are no longer bound to one site. They are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and whatnot.

You should establish your presence on all popular social media sites and connect it with your Facebook profile. You should also have a CTA button on the profile to lead to a landing page or the brand website.


Facebook marketing is not rocket science. But it is not bread and butter either. It is that exquisite-looking dish that turns out to have a very simple recipe.

And we hope this article answered all your questions related to how to learn Facebook marketing.

When you are building up your brand image from the ground up, you have to make sure that as your business evolves, so should the Facebook marketing of your brand.

If that requires you to go beyond the basic means available to you and investing in more advanced resources, there is nothing wrong with that.

If you feel it is getting too overwhelming for you or moving beyond your realm of understanding, you can totally hire a marketing team as long as you can afford it.

After all, the brand is the priority here and you have every right to do what you need to for its benefit.