How Long Does It Take to Learn Machine Learning

It is a very common question asked by people who are just starting about with Machine Learning: how long does it take to learn Machine learning?

Now, if up are you interested in learning machine learning, this article might be useful for you.

In this article, we have tried this question along with some most frequently asked questions.

Also, we have got some tips on how you can learn machine learning fast and what are the resources you can use in learning Machine Learning.

Machine Learning: What is It?

Machine learning is a simple concept. We know computers run on algorithms. These are a set of rules governing specific behavior. It is the base of every computing, but they are highly complex.

In machine learning, the machine takes an algorithm, improves it, and learns over time while interacting with more data.

Machine learning lets you feed the computer with petabytes and terabytes of data. Thus, it gets to know the difference, writes down an algorithm based on an underlying human-driven program to get the required result.

With machine learning algorithms, you can get an idea about how to perform an important task. It’s cost-effective and feasible in comparison to manual programming.

As time goes by, more data is going to be available and progressive problems can be managed. Thus, machine learning has become widely popular in computer science and other fields.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Machine Learning

How much time you will take to learn the technology primarily depends on the goal you have set for yourself.

It might be challenging to grasp machine learning at your first go.

Since it’s a discipline and not a programming language, it’s not possible to become an expert in a few weeks.

To complete your curriculum, it’s going to take about 6 months. You need to spend 6 to 7 hours on study daily.

The time required to master Machine Learning varies from person to person. It also depends on previous knowledge you have on programming and ML tools.

6 months to a year is the time taken to learn the basics for a beginner. Becoming an expert is going to take time.

Is Machine Learning Worth Learning?

Machine learning is only going to improve over time. So, there is no two way about the fact that learning about this technology is worth it. Check out the reasons why.

It will help in increasing your efficiency. Albeit, it’s a complicated concept, but an adequate machine learning course will help you make better decisions.

With machine learning, you can easily take data input from multiple sources. The technology consumes unlimited data with timely assessments and analysis. As the model is forged from different data sources, it can pinpoint relevant variables.

It provides real-time predictions with fast processing. The algorithms of machine learning operate at accelerated levels. It consumes data at a quicker speed, and this gives real-time data and adequate predictions.

Machine learning is being applied to practical scenarios. Predictive analytics helps in developing revenue by building cost, but it also has an impact on real-life instances that pertains to customer loss or acquisition.

Machine learning is a technology that can aid every industry. From medical to insurance, every industry can benefit from it.

No doubt, machine learning courses will bring in better career opportunities. Top tech companies are hiring machine learning engineers. And since it’s a shadow of data

science, it will endow you with two hats. You can apply for data science, as well as machine learning jobs. Being competent in these two fields turns you into a hot commodity in the market.

How to Learn Machine Learning?

With the increasing popularity of machine learning, there is a rise in the demand for learning this technology. Thus, you will find tutorials, courses, and other resources over the internet.

Here are a few of these methods you can try out.

Online Courses

A surging number of online courses have come up in recent times that cover everything from the basics to advanced applications.

Some of these courses are for people who would like to jump in into coding their artificial neural networks and undertake some level of technical ability.

Others are designed for anyone who wants to learn machine learning, irrespective of whether they have the technical expertise or not.

You can avail of the courses for free over the internet. However, there is also a paid course that can be useful if you plan on improving your career prospects.

Here are some of the courses you can try out.

Google Machine Learning:

This is an in-depth course designed by Google and is offered through Udacity. The course is not for complete novices.

Machine learning by Google

Machine Learning Offered By Columbia University

This is a free course available over the internet, but you can pay for certification if you want. To make the most out of the course, spend -8-12 hours a week.

edx machine learning

Standford University By Stanford

You can avail of this course through Coursera. The head of AI teaches it in Baidu, Google Brain, and the founder of the deep learning research unit of Google, Andrew Ng.

coursera machine learning

In this case, too, you can study the course for free, but paying for certification can be helpful if you plan on using it for your career.


You will find many YouTube videos on machine learning that will help you learn from scratch. Some of these are,


Data School


Final Words

Once you start with it, you are going to have fun. With a self-starter method, you can switch between practical work and theory. This makes learning more enjoyable.

Moreover, you will get to see rapid results that will motivate you to learn more. If you discover on your own, you will develop practical skills that the industry is looking for.

Build your basic knowledge through resources and courses and then move on to develop specific expertise by working on your projects.

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