How Long Does It Take To Learn Blender

How Long Does It Take To Learn Blender

If the concept of Blender is something new to you, and you want to know how long does it take to learn Blender, here is everything you would need to know and learn.

Blender is an open-source and free animation and 3D modeling suite. In simple words, Blender is a computer graphics program that helps in developing premium quality animations or images using 3D geometry.

It contains several tools that allow you to texture, model, compose, shade, animate, video edit, and more.

Also, you can master the concept of overdrive and put it to the best of use.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Blender?

With Blender, it is a learning process where you get to learn newer and better things every day.

If you are new to the software, it might take some time getting used to and being acquainted with the basics, but once you do, the processes further will become easier.

There are miscellaneous features that you will need to cover which is why the exact duration of how long it will take to learn blender does not have a definitive and specific answer.

To learn the rudimentary aspects, it might take you approximately a week or even a month depending upon your grasping capacity.

In order to be adept at using this software, you need practice. Learning the features might be simple enough but it can be difficult to remember the specifics.

Figuring out the nitty-gritty of where to use texture paint, modifiers, animation, sculpture modifying, and rigging can take some time.

How To Learn Blender Fast?

Learning Blender has become comparatively easier than before due to all the access to some excellent online resources.

The best part is that you can ace the program and turn into a Blender expert with the help of these resources that are often available free of cost.

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Online Courses

The ideal choice for all Blender beginners would be an online course.

In case you are looking to make a career in gaming, animation, or graphics, these online courses can be useful, as well as interesting, and give you a head-start in the right direction.

The courses offer different levels of proficiency right from the basic skills ranging up to advanced approaches.

Online courses are more convenient as these serve as a one-stop-shop for all your Blender needs. They also make it easier for you to look up and access information.

The online classes are facilitated and taught by experts who will help you gear up for success.

It is one of the best bets for beginners as you can start off with minimal knowledge and handle advanced projects as you learn more about it.

Here are a few online courses that highly recommended by those who have taken them.

Blender Essential Training

The course gives an overview of animation, 3D graphics, and modeling in Blender. It is taught by Mr. George Maestri where he will give you an insight into how you can develop and create basic objects.

Blender Essential Training
Blender Essential Training

This is an ideal course for a beginner. This 9 hours 9-minutes course will take you through every little detail and will cover the following aspects.

  • Navigating in a 3D space
  • Using Snap for moving objects
  • Rotating, selecting, and scaling objects
  • Subdividing meshes
  • Developing a simple creature
  • Stitching vertices and joining mesh objects
  • Editing animation in Graph Editor
  • Including motion blur

Complete Blender Creator – Udemy

With Udemy, you will learn to create amazing 3D models for 3D printing, video games, house design, and much more.

Complete Blender Creator
Complete Blender Creator – Udemy

This course includes 5 articles, 65.5 hours of video lectures, and 19 resources that can be downloaded. The best part is that the course is updated from time to time to give the best to the students.

The things you get to learn from the course are:

  • Use a blender and learn about its interface
  • Explore the feature of particle effects
  • Develop 3D models containing simple colors
  • Unwrap the models and UV map
  • Develop your own materials
  • Blend CGI with real-life videos
  • Learn animation basics

Work On Projects

To track your progress and point out exactly where you need to improve, you need to frequently challenge yourself.

Starting out with a project that’s out of your comfort zone is a great idea. Once you decide to do it, you need to also stay determined to complete it.

Your first challenging project would likely deject you but you should definitely not give up. See it as a chance to do it again in a better way.

There are no losses, but only winning and learning. You will have learned some significant lessons during the process that you can put to use in the future.

Keep challenging yourself as it will arm you with the confidence to adopt a new project. The experience of processing something in your mind and knowing how to bring it into action by using Blender is exceptional.

Learn Fron YouTube Channels

YouTube has many channels that provide you with the best information on Blender and will actually make you learn the program in a very efficient way. Some of the best channels worth checking out on YouTube for Blender are :

Blender Guru

Blender Guru Tutorial

Some other useful Youtube channels for learning Blender are:

CG Cookie

Grant Abbitt

Curtis Holt

These channels have a variety of courses varying from beginners to advanced learners and they are available to you for free.

The videos will add a great input to your knowledge and polish your already existing skills if any, or give you a whole new understanding about the program.


It is fun to learn about all you can do with Blender and its features without having a specific goal in mind. At times, experimenting can help you to learn many new things.

With small beginnings will you be able to trace bigger heights. It will be a great process for you to learn new things while also having great fun.

Tips To Learn Blender Fast

Follow The Courses Properly

The most important thing when you enroll in a course is you follow the course properly. If you miss out on some of the video lectures or take a long break from learning, it would only make the learning process longer.

So, to learn fast, it is very important that you take those lessons seriously.

Practice And Practice More

There is no substitute for Practice. And this is true in the case of Blender as well.

One might have the complete the best blender courses and has the full knowledge of the software but if he doesn’t have working experience then the knowledge is of no use.

So it is important you practice. The courses mentioned above come with a lot of tasks and small projects.

Try working on them. This will definitely help you learn Blender fast.

Work on Personal Projects

You should start working on some personal projects. It might be anything that you want to work on. But it should be your idea. And with your skills and knowledge, you can turn that idea into reality.

Workin on personal projects not only boosts your confidence but also increases your credibility as a Blender artist. You can add those projects on your resume and attract job opportunities for yourself.

Join Forums and Facebook Group

Forums and Facebook groups are the best places to find like-minded people from around the world you share the same interest as you do.

You can join the following Blender groups if you like:

Blender Artists– 61.8K members(Facebook)

Blender 3D Artists– 46.7K members(Facebook)

Blender 3D Sub-Reddit– 265k members(Redditt)

You will get to learn a lot of new tips and tricks on these groups. You will get to see what other people are learning and working on.

Also, one of the best things about the groups is that you can get your doubts and questions answered in the group.

Is Learning Blender Worth It?

As technology and it uses advance, learning about new tech-tools can open up avenues of several new career paths.

Some career opportunities for you upon learning Blender are:

  • Films
  • Video game industry
  • Animator
  • 3D artist
  • 3D Design Executive
  • 3D Content Developer, and much more.

By learning Blender, you have the opportunity to earn up to $84000 per month on an average. But having said that, it is not enough for you to only know the basics of it and stop.

It sure is a competitive field therefore you need to master the skill in order to make it big. Since many people are taking to learning Blender, you need to prove your mettle by being the best at it.

Here are some links to websites that will help you understand better the career opportunities that blender brings forth.

To understand better as to how you can make good money and get paid for the work you do after learning blender, here is a link to help you get started with the same.

Once you see the scope it presents, you will definitely agree that the heights it would take you to in your career make learning Blender all worth it. Striving to be the best in the field should be your goal.

It is better that you learn of the wonderful world of blender by looking at its official YouTube channel, the link for which is –


Hopefully, all your questions and apprehensions as to how long it takes to learn Blender have been answered and you have a much clear picture of the same.

Follow the tips and tricks shared to process your learning faster and in a detailed way.

After all the hard work you put in, the results you procure out of it will definitely prove to be worth it.

And the best time to get started and take the first step towards this 3D modeling software is now.