Can I Learn Data Science On My Own

Can I Learn Data Science On My Own?

Do you wish to learn data science but do not know how to go about it? Can I learn data science on my own is something every self-learner asks himself before getting started?

and can you make a good career out of it? Read along to find out all the advice and guidance we have for you here.

You probably have heard a lot about data science but have minimal idea of what it is and how you can learn about it.

But shed away your worries as it is not very tough to understand, and all you need is a little patience and proper knowledge combined with some guidance, and you will be good to go.

So to answer the question as to what exactly data science is, let us look at its overall composition and meaning.

What is Data Science?

The Chief Economist at Google Mr. Hal Varian defines Data Science as – “The ability to take data, understand it, process it, extract value from it, visualize it, and communicate it.”

Most organizations need data scientists who can build complex authoritative algorithms in order to organize and synthesize bulk information at once, which is then used to answer any questions or to drive strategies in the organization.

The most critical factor to possess if you plan to enter this field of data science is to have immaculate technical knowledge and a result-oriented mind. With this, you can make a mark of your own in the career.

But with data science gaining so much popularity since its inception a few years ago, this has also become a very competitive field.

With such competition at hand and taking into consideration the career prospects, you may wonder if it is worth learning data science. Here is an analysis of this question.


Here is how you can learn data science on your own.

Can I Learn Data Science On My Own?

With the rising popularity of the job profile, there also is a surge in demand for learning data science.

Therefore some courses, tutorials, projects, and other resources are available both in online and offline education. Here are some that you can try out for yourself.

Learn Programming With Python

Learning Python is the first step when it comes to learning data science. If you have done programming earlier, then it is not so hard getting started with Python.

But if you have never done coding before, you need not worry. Python is one of the easiest programming languages to get started with.

There are a number of free resources available online. They will help you understand the basics of python.

Familiarize yourself with the syntax and structures. Practice as much as you can.

And once you are comfortable, start learning the data structures and algorithms.

These two are a must if you want to master any programming language.

Statistics and Mathematics

Data Science is all about analyzing data.

So you must have a knowledge of statistics and mathematics. So, start with the basic level statics that you have learned in your high school and then move towards an advanced level.

Learn How To Use Python for Data Analysis

Now that you are comfortable with Python programming and statistics, its time to dive deeper.

Start learning Python libraries like Panda and Numby. For that, you can take up, you can take Applied Data Science with Python Specialization from Coursera.

The goal is to have a deep understanding of some important Python libraries and data structures. And by the end of this step, you will accomplish it.

Learn Machine Learning

The next step is to learn Machine Learning. As the name suggests, Machine learning is a process by which a machine learns by itself based on the experiences and input feeds.

You can take up Machine Learning courses, which is the easiest way to get started. You will have a good understanding of Random Forest, Regression, Decision Trees, etc.

Work On Projects

As with any skills out there, practice on the things that you learned is also important in the case of data science as well.

And the thing to practice is to work on projects. Practice as much as you can.

By working on Project you learn to implement your knowledge to achieve different functionalities.

Online Certificate Courses

Data Science Certificate – Harvard University

This is one of the best courses that open up multiple facets of data science that you can learn and earn a certificate.

Harvard Data Science
Harvard Data Science Graduate Certification

The various topics covered under this course range from Data Sampling, Data Management, Data Analysis, Data Prediction, and the Results.

There are a total of 4 courses under this branch, out of which you must complete all the 4 to earn your completion certificate.

Learning From Data Course – California Institute of Technology

This course is taught by Prof Yaser Abu Mostafa and is much lauded for his teaching style.

CIT- Data Science
CIT- Data Science Course

Most important topics of Data Science including its Algorithms, Theory, Applications of Data Science and common Question, and Answers.

Applied Computing Series – Code With Google

This is a crash course where you can watch video lectures, read up case studies, and carry out exercises.

Google Machine Learning Course
Google Machine Learning Course

Similar to this is Google AI, where you can also interact with the teachers and avail of sample coding examples as well as documentation.

Tutorials Without Certification



This series of tutorials, as taught by Dr. Nathan Yau, is quite impressive with the way they are presented. The tutorials include bits of advice and tips about Data Presentation and Analyzation with practical examples and guidance. They also recommend books for you to enhance your knowledge about the field.



This channel provides essential knowledge and skills you will need to brush up on to know all about Data Science. The video content spans around 10 hours in which you can learn Data Science.

Edureka- Data Science
Edureka- Data Science


This channel is more suitable for those with zero knowledge about Data Science as the content focuses on beginners majorly. However, if you want to brush up on your basics, you can always watch their videos.

Simplilearn- Data Science
Simplilearn- Data Science

Tips For Learning Data Science

If you are well determined about learning Data Science and taking it up as your career, you also need to be prepared to continually keep brushing up your skills and proving to be exceptional in the field.

There sure is a lot of competition given the high demand for work as well as an excellent pay scale, and you must prove your mettle to stand out.

Whether you choose to take professional and paid courses with certificates or want to study Data Science on your own, there are a few tips that you must always keep in mind when learning Data Science.

R/Python + SQL

If you are not very good at coding and do not possess a lot of coding skills, then you surely need a lot of networking and other areas to make up for this hiatus.

In many cases, data scientists with weak math and minimal domain experience have always been carried by a strong ability to code.

Python is a great skill to possess, but R is a great fall back tool. It is only safe and commendable to have both. SQL is also vital for a Data Analyst.

Strong Math Skills

Having an excellent understanding of a few of the commonly used methods like generalized linear models, decision trees, K-means, and statistical tests is always better than having a broad spectrum knowledge of various models or specialization such as RNN as the former will always come in handier.

Is Data Science Worth Learning?

To answer this question precisely, yes, it is worth learning data science for many reasons.

This has now rapidly become one of the most sought after jobs because of the surge in demand.

The job really pays well even to a fresher, and as you become more and more experienced, the pay is bound to rise.

Despite industry verticals, forward-looking undertakings are contracting Data researchers and scientists to determine significant business bits of information and exceed expectations.

Data science is the amalgamation of your specific aptitudes, the logical inclination of the brain, and sharp business insight making it the activity job for the particularly gifted and driven having colossal development openings.

You will lead a different gathering of tech ability, business directors, bosses, and choose critical level suitable choices that will impact the fortunes of the association, putting you legitimately in the driver’s seat.

However, taking it up as a career should depend on how interested and driven you are for it and how well is your aptitude fit for working as a data scientist.

Make sure that you make up your mind to learn data science only if you are thoroughly inspired to and interested in it.

Career Prospects In The Field Of Data Science

The field of Data Science is quite an in-demand now, and hence there also are several positions that you can get a job in.

Data Scientist

This job profile requires one to look for, clean, and organize data. A lot of sophisticated, raw, and processed information will make its way to you, which you will have to analyze and create a pattern out of to benefit your company.

Average pay – $140k

Applications Architect

Here you will need to focus on designing the architecture of applications, including the user interface and infrastructure.

Average pay – $114k

Data Engineer

All the gathered and preserved data needs to be batch-processed. Data pipelines need to be built and maintained too.

Average pay – $103k

Business Intelligence Developer

Strategies need to be designed and developed to help business users make better decisions.

Average pay – $81.5k

Data Analyst

Large Data sets will have to be transformed and manipulated. At times tracking web analytics may also be part of the job profile.

Average pay – $62.5k


‘Can I learn data science on my own?’ Well, you can, and we hope that now you have got an insight of how to get started and learn data science for scratch.

The field of Data science is equally challenging and exciting. If you do not possess the necessary skills, you probably will be left behind unless you brush them up.

But if you have the aptitude and determination to keep learning, this will surely make up for a great career and pay too. All you need is apt guidance and information about the details of the field.


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