Best Way To Learn Blender

Best Way To Learn Blender: Top 3 Learning Ways And Useful Tips

Blender is one of the most popular 3D creation tools today. If you are learning Blender or thinking of learning have any doubts regarding the best way to learn Blender then this article is for you.

In this post, we discuss the following 3 best ways to learn Blender as well as some tips on how to make the learning process faster.

  • Blender Online Courses
  • Youtube Channels To Learn Blender
  • Work On Personal Projects

Blender is an open-source 3D creation suite. One of the major benefits is that it is free software. It supports all aspects of the 3D pipeline. You can perform modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, compositing, rendering, and motion tracking in Blender. You can even edit videos and create games.

Many advanced users implement Blender’s API for Python scripting. They customize the application with Python scripting to write specialized tools. Furthermore, these modifications are included in future versions of Blender.

This tool is well suited for small studios and individuals. They make use of its unified pipeline and responsive development process.

Blender is a cross-platform tool. It runs efficiently on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers.

Blender is free, but you can participate, invest, and help it to develop a powerful collaborative tool. Therefore, Blender is your own 3D graphics suite.

Why Should You Learn Blender?

There are plenty of reasons to learn Blender. Let’s look at a few major ones.


This sole fact makes it powerful than any other 3D creation tools. Blender is the right choice for young artists. They can experiment on their 3D modeling skills. They can work without any restrictions on licensing or payment. This free tool can be used for both commercial or educational purposes.


As said earlier, Blender is open-source, which means you can be a part of this community too. This community has 3D designers, animators, and developers around the world.

Also, you can integrate your data visualization tool with Blender. So that you don’t have to build the whole foundation. Some several libraries and features can be easily downloaded and used from Blender.

No Machine Barrier

You can run Blender on any machine. Blender is cross-platform and runs equally well on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh computers. It is compatible with several devices and does require high-end equipment to use.

Ease of use

Once you are thorough with your basics, you can explore a lot in Blender. It is very easy to use once you get acquainted with it. There are numerous features you can learn and implement. You will become an expert soon.


Another benefit of blender is that you don’t have to pay a heap to learn it. You need a tutorial to learn any tool. There are tons of online tutorials available for Blender. However, you simply rely on YouTube videos too.

Best Ways To Learn Blender

As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways you can learn Blender. It may vary based on your experience. You can take up online courses, do projects, utilize free resources, watch youtube channels, or read forums.

First, let us look at various online courses to learn Blender.

Blender Courses-Beginners

Below is the list of useful Blender courses for beginners.

Blender Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Course Teacher: George Maestri, Animation Director, and Producer

Blender Essential Training
Blender Essential Training

With this course, you will learn to model, animate, and render 3D graphics using Blender. You will also learn to edit basic objects, apply materials, textures, and lighting to scenes.

The course spans over 9 hours. It has 12 modules. Video lectures provide course materials. Also, there is a quiz at the end of each module. Enrollment is free for LinkedIn members, but not to others.

Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modeling for Beginners by Udemy

Course Teacher: Michael Bridges, Technology Teacher, and Rick Davidson, Game Creator

Complete Blender Creator

This is one of the bestselling courses by Udemy. It introduces learners to the fundamentals of Blender, animation, and modeling. You will learn to model digital assets. You can use them for video games, virtual home plans, 3D printing, and more.

One requirement to enroll in this course is the access to a PC or Mac with Blender Version 2.77 or above. There is an enrollment fee for the course.

Blender 2.8: Your First Day-Get the Basics Right by Film VFX

With this course, you will learn the basics of Blender. Besides you will also learn best practices for modeling workflow, using reference images, creating a model, illuminating the scene, and shading the model.

Blender 2.8
Blender 2.8

The class includes 6 core lessons namely Course Introduction, Introduction and Interface, Modeling, Camera and Lighting, Shading and Rendering, and Rendering Variations of Your Model. There are no prerequisites or enrollment fees.

Blender: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques by LinkedIn Learning

Course Teacher: David Andrade, Award-winning animator, Co-founder of Theory Studios

Another Blender course by LinkedIn Learning covers 13-hour classes. It covers the fundamentals and features of Blender.

Blender-Tips Tricks and Techniques
Blender-Tips Tricks and Techniques

This course teaches you about materials and multi-scatter GGX, Rigify, render settings, compositing, mesh editing tools, and more.

Enrollment is free for LinkedIn members, but not to others.

Basic 3D Animation using Blender By EdX

It is a 4-week course which is part of the Fundamentals of 3D Visualization professional certificate program from IIT Bombay. It teaches Blender in-depth and helps you to explore 3D visualization concepts.

Basic 3D Animation using Blender
Basic 3D Animation using Blender

You will learn to create 3D animation using motion and to achieve perfect timing in your animations.

Though the course is free, you can pay $49 to receive a verified certificate after completion of the course.

Advanced Blender Courses

Now if you already know the Blender basics and want to accelerate your 3D modeling skills, here are the advanced Blender courses.

Blender: Hard Surface Modeling by LinkedIn Learning

Course Teacher: Darrin Lile, Faculty, Art Institute of Wisconsin

Blender- Hard Surface Modeling
Blender: Hard Surface Modeling

This course will help you to model hard surface objects perfectly.

It has 5 modules namely Establishing the Foundation Forms, Connecting Forms, Creating the Interior, Adding Details, Materials, and Textures and Rendering.

The course is free for LinkedIn members.

Blender Character Creation for Games and Animation by Udemy

Course Teacher: Darrin Lile, Faculty, Art Institute of Wisconsin

This course is useful for those who want to sharpen their character creation skills. It provides an easy step-by-step process to create characters for games and animation in Blender.

Blender Character Creation for Games and Animation
Blender Character Creation for Games and Animation

The class has 15 hours of 91 lectures and 92 downloadable resources.

The prerequisite for the course is the basic understanding of Blender.

Advanced Prop Modeling – 3D Modeling in Blender by Udemy

Course Teacher: Timothy Trenkle, 3D Modeler, FX Artist, and Game Developer

This is another highly-rated course from Udemy. It will help the professionals to master 3D modeling, rendering, texturing, and exporting skills in Blender.

Advanced Prop Modeling - 3D Modeling in Blender
Advanced Prop Modeling – 3D Modeling in Blender

The course includes 6 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, and 2 downloadable resources.

The topics in the course include hard surface modeling, organic modeling, UV unwrapping, finishing the model and textures, and shading and rendering.

Enrollment requires fees with a money-back guarantee. Also, you should have access and working knowledge in Blender 2.8.


YouTube Channels to Learn Blender

As we told you, several YouTube channels may help you to learn Blender. Let’s look at a few of them.


It is an amazing channel to learn the basics of Blender.

BornCG Youtube Channel
BornCG Youtube Channel


Grant Abbitt

You can learn the ins and outs of Blender with more advanced and intermediate tutorials. It also teaches the theory of design and creativity.

Grant Abbitt Youtube Channel
Grant Abbitt Youtube Channel


Sci-fi Animator

This one is a good channel to learn animation and rigging in Blender.

Sci Fi Animator


CG Masters

This channel has great intermediate and advanced tutorials.

The channel owner has well-paid courses on animations and rigging on other sites. You can find it in his website at


Blender Guru

This is one of the most known Blender tutorials on YouTube. You can learn Blender on any level.

Blender Guru
Blender Guru

You can find more learning content on channels website:

Work On Personal Projects

You must have heard the saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect‘.

And this is true in the case of learning Blender as well.

The more you practice the more you learn about the feature and working of the software.

And whats better for practicing better than working on personal projects! In fact, this is the best way to polish your skills.

The courses mentioned above come with a lot of work practice assignments and projects.

Complete them one by one. And once you are comfortable enough, start working on your own personal projects.

That way, you can implement the theory you have learned to create something new. This will not only help you learn Blender fast but also boost your confidence.


Tips To Learn Blender

There are a few basic skills and tips that you should have to learn Blender. See for yourself and improve them.

Soak up tutorials

You can learn a lot from different Blender tutorial videos and blogs. You can select which level you are, whether basic or advanced.

Challenge yourself

There is always more to learn. Though you have learned Blender, don’t limit yourself. Explore more features and develop your skills over time.

Experiment More

Yes, experimenting with your work keeps the fun in the learning process. Don’t keep your work monotonous. Get your creativity on work. You will enjoy learning.

Play Around With New Features

Blender offers several new features and tools. It keeps on updating itself. One difficult task may have been updated to be easier. Look out for these updates and improve your skills.

Do Speed Modeling Exercises

Initially, it may take you hours to design work. You can practice the speed modeling exercises to enhance your speed in designing.

Be Patient

It is one of the important things. Sitting long hours to design may frustrate you sometimes. But learning anything takes time. So be patient till you reach expertise.

Create A Cheat Sheet

Yes, while working, create a cheat sheet for shortcuts. It saves you a lot of time. There are several tricks and shortcuts available in tutorials and videos. Keep them on mind while working.


Building Career With Blender

Once you have mastered Blender skills and your portfolio is awesome, you may start thinking about the next steps. Let us look at your career paths with Blender.

Office Job

Yes, it can be an ad agency, production studio, or a game company. You can have a stable job with a consistent paycheck.

Freelance Blender Artist

If you are bored with a 9-5 job, you can always take the freelance route. But yes, searching for clients will be a task for you.

So if you are a risk-taker with self-discipline and great negotiation skills, you should consider freelancing.

Blender Network

It is one of the best-known freelance websites for Blender 3D artists. You can find Blender-specific jobs with the cost of membership.

Youtube Channels

Watched animated videos on Youtube?

Well, animation video channels like Kento Bento get millions of views, generating thousands on dollars per month in ad revenue. Other revenue sources are sponsorships, and selling merchandise.

Once you become good at animation video creation, you can start your own Youtube channel and make money online with it.



So, this was all about the best way to learn Blender. We hope that the article was helpful in clarifying your doubts.

Blender is a great tool to get started in 3D graphics designing. However, you can learn more by doing Projects, or by reading Forums in Blender Blog. You may also consider learning other tools to improve your professional front.